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We meet Tuesdays at 6:15 PM
1841 Rt. 73
Marlton, NJ  08053
United States
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Welcome to Our Rotary Club!


The Rotary Club of Marlton, New Jersey is known throughout the district as a friendly, personal gathering of men and women, of diverse ages and ethnicities who truly enjoy one another’s company as they meet each Tuesday for interesting programs and projects that will make their community and world a better place. In short, they meet together, dine together, laugh together, and work together, using the special strengths with which each member has been blessed—for the benefit of others.


What's New

In the past few weeks. our club has seen the addition of two new members.
Grant Cairns is a salesperson at A.H. Meyers & Co. and Nash Rotter is in sales at Aflac.  Both Grant and Nash have been very active in the club since their induction, and they embody the true spirit of Rotary --  "Service Above Self."
Welcome to the family!

Dr. David Berg from Lourdes Heath Systems spoke at a recent club meeting on colon health issues for National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Colorectal cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the United States. If everyone aged 50 years or older had regular screening tests, at least 60% of deaths from this cancer could be avoided. 
His very informative presentation outlined the risk factors for colorectal cancer and described the various methods for screening.
Thanks to Dr. Berg for reminding us that regular screening for colon cancer saves lives!

Kathy Hiltner recently made a presentation to our club about our District's Gift of Life Foundation.  The Foundation provides free medical services to children with heart defects in third world countries.  Without our help, most of these children will die, as there are no facilities to correct even basic heart conditions.  The foundation sends doctors to countries such as the Philippines and San Salvador to perform surgeries, set up clinics, and train doctors.

Their only fundraiser is the "Spring Fling Gala," a dinner dance at Merion Caterers on March 22nd.  
Click here for more information.  
Thanks to Kathy for the inspiring speech!

Our third annual Pancake Breakfast was held on February 24th at the Gibson House. Proceeds from the event benefit Evesham Senior Services, Evesham Fire-Rescue, and Rotary youth causes such as scholarships and the dictionary project.
Thanks to all who made the event a great success, including Dad's Deli and the student volunteers from Cherokee High School!

The Mid-Year Assembly was held on January 27th at the La Bove Grand in Lakehurst. It was a great night of education, speaches, and networking.  

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Member Birthdays:
  • Harold Everham
    April 11
  • Bruce Starrett
    Shirley Starrett
    April 14
Join Date:
  • Anna Marie Bakanas
    April 27, 2010
    4 years

News from Rotary International

Paralympian Dennis Ogbe defying paralysis
Dennis Ogbe grips the discus in his right hand. He swings his arm and twists at the waist as far to the right as he can. With one move he snaps back, letting the saucer fly. Upper-body strength is important for any discus thrower, but for Ogbe, a Paralympian, it’s everything. At age three, Ogbe contracted malaria, and while receiving treatment at a clinic near his home in rural Nigeria, he became infected with the poliovirus. Paralyzed from the waist down, he was sent home in the arms of his mother. He credits his physical rehabilitation to a harsh form of therapy – the taunts of the other...
Moving doctor’s office rescues women from breast cancer
In Tamil Nadu, India, two doctors, both members of the Rotary Club of Srirangam, discovered an alarming trend in the remote city outskirts of Trichy, women dying of breast cancer. Drs. K. Govindaraj and K.N. Srinivasan knew that much of the death and suffering could be avoided, and both were motivated by their personal experiences with the disease. Govindaraj watched his mother die of breast cancer a decade earlier, and helped found the Dr. K. Shantha Breast Cancer Foundation in her memory.  Srinivasan, an oncologist, witnessed unprecedented growth in the number of younger patients coming to...
Writer and war widow Artis Henderson finds peace through Rotary
In the first month of my stay in Dakar, Senegal, as a Rotary Scholar, a friend gave me a piece of helpful advice. “Buy a wedding ring,” she said. I had already learned that as a young American woman in a Muslim country, I attracted a certain kind of attention. But a ring? My friend nodded. “That way everyone will leave you alone.” With my thumb I felt for the empty space on my left ring finger -- a place that, even now, I sometimes touch and worry where my ring has gone. I removed my wedding band on the one-year anniversary of my marriage, eight months after my husband, Miles, was killed in...
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